Consortium for Digital Learning

Preparing Alaska’s Students for Success in the Global Economy


The Consortium for Digital Learning (CDL) is an initiative through the Association of Alaska School Boards, whose mission is to advocate for children and youth by assisting school boards in providing quality public education focused on student achievement through effective local governance.

CDL Members believe that establishing digital learning projects in our schools should be based on research and best practice to assist students in raising their achievement levels, developing 21st century skills, and leading successful lives after high school.

Research shows that critical components are necessary for optimizing the results of digital learning projects. These components include:

  • Leadership Support
  • Planning and preparation
  • Well Equipped and Trained Teachers
  • Adequate infrastructure (network, electrical, wireless access points)
  • Digital content and supportive curriculum
  • A digital tool per learner
  • Adequate technical support
  • Strong professional development for teachers
  • Ongoing evaluation and communication plans

This CDL Order Management website is designed to support our members in this mission by assisting school districts in purchasing technology equipment at lower prices by aggregating their orders. Bulk ordering of technology can result in discounted pricing and enable all Alaska school districts to increase their purchasing power.

To participate, contact information is needed for a designated person who is authorized to place technology equipment orders on behalf of each district. If your district is interested in participating, please provide the following contact information: Name, Title, Email address, Phone number, Shipping address (must have street address, not PO Box). This information will be used to create a District Administrator (DA) profile for that person that will allow them to securely access the website’s ordering functions.