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Chariot Group Professional Development

Through our years of experience, confirmed by research, we’ve learned that professional development is a critical component of digital learning projects.

We’ve heard from our members that they need, 1) quality professional development content inclusive of all components of digital learning, 2) experienced trainers who know education and are leading the way in technology in Alaska, and 3) a real value. With these goals in mind, a menu of professional development courses needs to include both Apple and Windows operating systems, mobile devices, interactive white boards, as well as address use of Web 2.0 tools and applications.

The Chariot Group has partnered with CDL in bringing quality professional development to your school. The following options are available to our CDL districts.


CDL Professional Development Website

Features Comprehensive Menu of Digital Learning Courses

The Association of Alaska School Board’s Consortium for Digital Learning, in collaboration with The Chariot Group, an Alaska-based company, is proud to announce the launch of a new website that features a comprehensive menu of professional development services designed specifically for CDL members.

The CDL Professional Development website features course offerings that span the gamut of digital learning: from digital literacy and engaged learning for teachers, implementation management strategies for teachers and principals, leadership at the building and district level, and technical and support services for IT. The professional development offerings have been designed in the spirit of CDL by centering on best practice and research.

A team of current and former educators who are knowledgable in a variety of digital learning tools and experienced in the delivery of PD across the state, has been assembled as trainers. The Chariot Group will handle the administrative tasks involved with purchasing, scheduling and delivery of professional development days by Chariot staff and private contractors.

Visit to review the course offerings and schedule professional development delivery days.