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Teaching the World To Code

UPDATE: CodeAcademy has launched CodeYear to encourage people to learn computer programming skills as a New Year’s resolution. Nearly 300,000 have signed up so far, including New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who announced via Twitter, “My New Year’s resolution is to learn to code with Codecademy in 2012! Join me.” Co-founder Zach Sims envisions CodeYear as “the beginning of an initiative,” noting that in an increasingly technical world, programming skills are becoming a sought-after asset by employers, and even basic-level skills can make the difference between two résumés in the competitive job market.

As society grows increasingly digital, being conversant in code—the language that makes websites, games and apps run—is quickly becoming the new literacy of our time. Columbia University students Zach Sims and Ryan Bubinsky believe that using a computer is the equivalent of knowing how to read, and knowing how to program for a computer equates to the ability to write. Their start up company, CodeAcademy is a free, easy, interactive and fun way to learn how to code with friends, while tracking and sharing personal progress. The site has attracted close to 1 million users and $2.5 million in funding from tech investors. In this video interview Zach and Ryan discuss what it takes to launch a company with the huge vision of teaching the world how to code.