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DL2 Contest: Turn Your Lesson Plans into Digital Books, Win Prizes!

Publishing has gone digital and it’s never been easier for teachers to create high quality and engaging lesson plans for their students. The ability to distribute digital instructional content has been simplified through the new  Association of Alaska School Boards K12 iTunes U site. Through this digital distribution center, your multimedia-rich, place-based/theme-based lesson plans can be delivered directly to student iPads in any school classroom across Alaska, or the world.

The Digital Lessons for Digital Learners (DL2) Contest is an opportunity to turn your lesson plans into digital books and enter them for a chance to win cool prizes for your school and be posted on Alaska’s K12 iTunes U site!

  • Grand Prize: Ten iPad 2 tablets with padded cases, Bretford Sync Tray
  • 2nd Prize: Teaching Station: One iPad 2, Apple TV, 60” flat screen TV
  • 3rd: Prize: One round trip ticket + lodging to ISTE 2012 in San Diego

Watch our video tutorial explaining how Pages can be used to make lesson plans into digital books that can be read on an iPad.

NEXT: Read the DL2 Contest Guidelines and learn How To Enter.


1. Send an email requesting entry to A link to a Dropbox folder will be provided so you can submit your finished digital lesson plans to us.

2. Develop two digital books according to our for iTunes U guidelines a 1-4 week unit of study: a Teacher’s Lesson Plan and a Student Lesson.

3. Upload completed projects to the Dropbox folder.

4. Submission deadline: April 16, 2012.

5. Prizes to be awarded on May 18, 2012 (dependent on number of submissions)

The Digital Lessons for Digital Learners (DL2) contest is limited to Alaska public school teachers currently employed in an Alaska public school district. The AASB Consortium for Digital Learning (CDL) retains sole discretion for selecting winners and posting qualified entries on iTunes U. Entries will be judged according to the DL2 guidelines and iTunes U technical and copyright specifications to be found posted at the links below and on the Association of Alaska School Boards K12 iTunes U site.


1. Watch our YouTube video tutorial How Create an ePub Digital Book Using Pages to learn how to use Apple’s Pages application to turn your lesson plans into digital books.

2. Download the Sample ePub documents to use as templates for your Lesson Plan Digital Book by clicking on the links below. You will need these documents because they contain Paragraph Styles that are NOT in a regular Pages document. The sample documents include necessary Paragraph Styles and other formatting attributes that are optimized for Pages to export to the ePub format. 

3. Download and review the DL2 Contest Materials by clicking on the links below:

Questions about the DL2 Contest? Email us